About Us

Keystone Information Systems is a multi-platform, service-oriented software developer and systems integrator specializing in the K-12 public school district and municipal / county government administration markets.

Keystone assets are its clients and employees. Both groups have a long relationship with Keystone that is uncharacteristic in the volatile software industry. Keystone’s staff at all levels in the organization possess deep subject matter and technical expertise gained from personal involvement in the complexities of automating our clients’ organizations.

Keystone currently has customers in 10 states, with three active regional user group associations as well as an annual, national conference. Our products have proven themselves in a variety of implementation uses and sizes.

In addition to a standard set of application software products developed and maintained by Keystone, through vendor relationships Keystone can also provide all hardware and third party software for the host system environments. We also maintain relationships with a variety of vendors offering unique and specialized products which intergrate with, and enhance Keystone's products.

Keystone staff provides all of the services required in an enterprise system implementation, such as project management, data conversion, training, and on-going support.

Keystone’s corporate headquarters office is located in the Philadelphia suburbs of southern New Jersey, (10 miles east of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 80 miles south of New York City on the New Jersey Turnpike, and approximately 160 miles northeast of Washington, D.C.) Employees (full time, and part time consultants) are also located in an additional five states across the northeast, southeast and mid-western United States.

Mission Statement

Keystone’s Mission can be summed up as: “We want to exceed our clients’ best expectations.”

More specifically, it is:

To draw upon our deep experience in working with public school and local government professionals and, using the best and most appropriate technologies, provide our clients with functionally superior, efficient and cost effective information management systems. We expect to be proud of each implementation, remembering that each customer will also become a great source of referral business.


Judson B. Van Dervort, Sr. founded Keystone Information Systems in 1975. He continues to be its Board Chairman and majority stock owner. In 2005, after having worked 18 years in a variety of marking, sales and management roles, Mr. Van Devort's son, Judson B. Van Dervort, Jr., took on the role of President and General Manager.

Keystone was originally founded as “Keystone Data Systems, Inc.” a regional (Philadelphia area) distributor, and value added reseller for Microdata Realty minicomputers (Irvine, CA). At that time, these cutting edge systems had a unique operating system known as "Pick" which was the forerunner to today’s sophisticated multi-value relational database architecture.

In 1979, Keystone adopted the more technically advanced Prime Information computer line becoming one of the earliest re-sellers of Prime Computer, Inc. (Natick, MA). Around that time, Keystone developed and installed its first financial accounting software for a suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania public school district. This was the genesis of the continuously evolving SKools software package. Student Administration modules soon followed.

In 1981, with some adaptation, Keystone’s solid fund accounting and human resources software found a fit in a large county government, thus expanding Keystone’s products into the LOGIC product line. Keystone’s presence in the local government market, in 1987, led to the development of the Keystone On-line Public Safety (K.O.P.S.) line of integrated public safety dispatch, records management (RMS) and detention management modules. In 2005, Keystone spun off this company, which operates now as “Keystone Public Safety Inc.” As sister companies, “KIS” and “KPS” continue to share technology, resources, facilities and the same majority owner.

In 1998, Keystone acquired the assets of “Infocel Inc.”, a mid-range local government business unit owned by EDS, (Plano TX). This move resulted in a significant increase in Keystone's local government presence especially in the states of North Carolina and Virginia, some additional software products, especially in Land and Tax Administration, and an expert and dedicated group of employees based in North Carolina.

Throughout its history, Keystone has also maintained a base of non-public sector clients who look to Keystone for technical consulting and application development services. Keystone continues to be one of the nation’s most experienced and respected consulting houses in the "multi-value" relational databases, “U2" products of IBM Corporation, and the related Pick environments.


Keystone uses relevant and current technologies to create user friendly, fully functional and outstanding performing products that sets us apart from our competitors. Our application software operates with equal capability on the client’s choice of centralized server operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Unix or Linux. The basis for Keystone’s application software is Rocket Software’s powerful U2 series database engine, UniVerse. The application’s user interface marries the best uses of both a fully integrated Windows desktop client in some applications and functions, and a web browser-based interface in others. The user interface is defined by the “role” of the user to the system, which also guides extensive system security and access rights. Using industry standards such as ODBC and SQL, Keystone’s database and applications integrate well with a variety of standard office automation, as well as industry specific application products.

Client Profiles

Keystone’s products and our services to implement and support enterprise-wide information management systems, have proven effective in a variety of client organizations.

Many of our current software products have been installed in multiple states, meeting state, and local standards and requirements.

Keystone’s clients today fall mostly into the following size ranges, however, there are examples of successful implementations on either side of these ranges.

Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

I have high expectations regarding your software, but I also feel strongly that when I have good experiences I should share them. My staff and I have had wonderful experiences working with Keystone; we find your staff to be extremely responsive, continuously going out of their way to help us become more efficient in using the software or addressing challenges that we may be experiencing. We find your KEMS software to be far superior compared to our last platform, and the reporting features in your Financials system are very powerful.

Director of Business Services, 2,000 student Pennsylvania School District
I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful conference. As a first time attendee of NASU, I was impressed!

Director of Business Services, 6,000 student Missouri School District
It is so wonderful to know that a company like yours still cares about their customers.

Finance Director, Virginia County government with 60,000 population
I feel complete confidence in your company's services and am looking forward to our future endeavors with Keystone Information Systems.

Business Administrator, 2,000 student New Jersey school district
Your expertise is second to none and you certainly gave us your time above and beyond the call of duty.

Director of High School Guidance, 5,000 student Pennsylvania school district
I would like to express my thanks for all of your help to our County in the conversion effort. You have shown excellent effort in finding solutions to the problems that we have encountered. I'm sure that we can count on your continued enthusiasm and help.

Tax Administrator for a North Carolina County with over 40,000 parcel count

Employee Profiles

Along with a supportive customer base, Keystone’s greatest assets are its employees. Keystone benefits from a higher than average retention rate of employees with its average employee having a greater than five year tenure with the company.

Keystone’s staff, at all levels in the organization, is a technically oriented group of professionals with deep subject matter expertise in their application areas of specialization. Nearly all employees have some level of interaction with our customers during a system implementation and/or on-going support and product enhancement activity.

Keystone has employed an on staff CPA for over ten years with duties that include product planning review and input, and direct client consultation and support of specific financial and reporting needs.

Keystone also retains the services of two retired, certified school business administrators (one from Pennsylvania and one from Missouri) as well as a retired County Tax Administrator from North Carolina.

It is not uncommon for previous users of Keystone products to join us as full or part time employees or consultants, which not only provides us with invaluable insight for the betterment of our products and services, but also offers a testimony of the quality of relationship that Keystone enjoys with its clients.

Keystone Management

Keystone Information Systems successfully transitioned to the next generation of management in 2005 with Judson B. Van Dervort, Jr. taking the role of President and General Manager. Judd spent the previous 18 years working for Keystone in a variety of sales, marketing and management roles. Judd is the son of Keystone’s founder, current majority owner and board chairman, Judson B. Van Dervort, Sr.

Keystone’s Senior Vice President for Product Development is Stephen D. Juliana. Steve joined Keystone in 1984 and quickly became one of Keystone’s lead technical personnel. Over the course of more than twenty years, Steve became the key designer and developer of a number of Keystone’s major product sets. Steve has held a variety of management positions and today is responsible for oversight of all product development, implementation and product support operations.

Keystone’s Vice President for Client Services is Michael J. Liggera. Mike joined Keystone in 2007 to head up client relationships, project administration and client services which includes oversight of Keystone’s “Client Care” support group. Mike has a degree in computer science and a background in large scale system development and implementation projects.

Business Partners

To act on its mission, “To draw upon our deep experience … using the best and most appropriate technologies, to provide our clients with functionally superior, efficient, and cost effective information management systems,” Keystone integrates the application software products we develop, with other “best of breed” products and services available in our markets.

With a combination of re-seller agreements, formal business partnerships, and some more casual business referral arrangements, Keystone places before our customers the best and most appropriate products and services to meet their needs and to complete and compliment a Keystone system.

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