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What Sets Us Apart

Keystone offers all of the services necessary to get the complete job done. Our solutions can be implemented on the customer's premises or cloud-hosted, with equal functionality. Our hosted option is very cost effective.


As a complete systems integrator, Keystone accepts primary responsibility for all aspects of implementation of our software, including project management, product fit analysis, data conversion/migration, testing and user training. Keystone offers all of the services necessary to get the complete job done. This includes server and network hardware/software specification and configuration, so that the customer may obtain the needed hardware and operating system software from its best available sources. As a result of our fit analysis consulting (“Product Reviews”) Keystone may also propose thoughtful modifications and enhancements to our packaged solutions, based upon individual needs.

We do these in a way that is incorporated into the standard software for ongoing growth of the products, and the added benefits to the entire user community. Since all of our software development is done by Keystone employees “in-house”, our user community interacts directly with those personnel, and product management, greatly influencing the future direction of our products. As such, our active users group associations are the primary drivers of the growth of our products and of what is included in the new version releases. Our annual software maintenance contracts provide not only access to Keystone’s excellent “Client Care” (unlimited) support services, but also the rights to our active upgrade release schedule.